Text Toolkit for Excel

Make your text cells perfect

If you work with text in Excel a lot, Text Toolkit will be a real game changer. Instead of building formulas or performing multi-step operations, you start the add-in, pick the option and get all the work done for you.

Add characters, remove strings, split cells, extract text, trim spaces, convert symbols, change case, count chars and swap text — the tool lets you do all this quickly and accurately. Feel free to use in Excel for Mac as well as in Excel for Windows and Excel on the web.

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Text Toolkit for Excel

Discover 35+ handy options for your Excel text

Append text to the selected cells
  • Add text to the beginning or end of your Excel cells
  • Append text before or after certain characters in the selected range
  • Insert text after the specified number of characters from the beginning or end of cells
  • ABC → xyzABC
  • ABC → AxyzBC
  • ABC → ABxyzC
  • ABC → ABCxyz
Add text
Remove text
Delete chars, strings, numbers, etc.
  • Remove the specified characters or strings
  • Delete all non-printing, text, numeric chars, punctuation, or symbols
  • ABCxyz → ABC
  • ABC123 → ABC
  • ABC!!! → ABC
Convert text to the needed case
  • Change all words in a cell to UPPER case
  • Get all text in your cells changed to lower case
  • Capitalize Each Word And Change Other Letters To Lowercase
  • Capitalize the first letter of the first word in each sentence in your cells
  • ABC xyz → ABC XYZ
  • ABC xyz → abc xyz
  • ABC xyz → Abc Xyz
  • ABC xyz → Abc xyz
Change case
Convert text
Replace characters with other symbols
  • Change digits formatted as text to number format and remove spaces or leading apostrophes
  • Replace the selected characters with other symbols
  • Convert accented characters to their non-accented equivalents
  • ABC → ABxyz
  • Áçè → Ace
Extract text or numbers
  • Extract all numbers in a cell
  • Extract a certain quantity of the first or last characters
  • Extract text by its position in a cell
  • Get all text before or after certain characters extracted
  • Paste the result as a formula
  • ABCxyz → xyz
  • ABCxyz → ABC
  • ABC123 → 123
Extract text
Remove by position
Delete text by its position
  • Delete a certain number of the first or last characters in the selected cells
  • Remove all text before or after the indicated characters
  • ABCxyz → ABC
  • ABCxyz → xyz
Split cells by chars, strings, or mask
  • Split your cells by certain strings
  • Divide text by the selected characters
  • Split the selected cells by the indicated mask
  • ABC xyz → ABC | xyz
  • ABCxyz → A | C | yz
Split text
Count characters
Count all or specific chars and words
  • Count all characters
  • Count the specified characters
  • Count all words
  • Insert the result as a formula
  • ABC xyz → 1 (A char)
  • ABC xyz → 6 (chars)
  • ABC xyz → 2 (words)
Eliminate leading zeros, excess and non-breaking spaces
  • Remove all excess zeros before cell values
  • Delete spaces before and after cell values
  • Trim excess spaces between words
  • Remove non-breaking spaces
  • 000ABC → ABC
  •    ABC → ABC
  • A B  C → A B C
Trim spaces
Swap text
Swap text in your cells
  • Switch text around within one cell by the chosen separator
  • Select the number of the separator occurrence from the beginning or from the end
  • ABC xyz → xyz ABC

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System requirements

Microsoft Excel

  • Excel for Windows connected to Office 365
  • Excel for Mac connected to Office 365
  • Excel for Windows 2019
  • Excel for Windows 2016
  • Excel for Mac 2019
  • Excel for Mac 2016 starting from 16.24
  • Excel on the web


  • Google Chrome 78 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge 44 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
    beta support 79 and higher
  • Safari 12 and higher (limited support)
  • Firefox 69 and higher

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